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Jim House has a variety of municipal and dewatering pumps available for rent. 


Call us for availability and sizing.

From .3 to 6.4HP, 110V-1 phase to 230/460V-3 phase 

Perfect for nuisance/contractors dewatering.

Cornell 4SP bare shaft slurry pump

2000 GPM to 275' TDH, 1775 RPM

Dewatering Work Horses!

Choose between 88 or 110 HP. These pumps have 8" discharges and can operate from flows up to 5000 GPM with heads up to 145' TDH.

Dewatering Pumps - Perfect for those high volume and high head applications

From 8.9 to 28 HP, 230/460/575V-3 phase

Ranges from 750 GPM to 270' TDH



Greg Echols



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